Member LeeAnn Sudbury is the Volunteer Coordinator at Peak Home Health and Hospice.  She will be presenting at our Fall Conference.  We wanted our members to get a chance to know her better before her presentation.

LeeAnn has worked as the State Volunteer Coordinator for Canyon Home Health and Hospice and currently serves as a patient advocate, community outreach specialist, and volunteer coordinator for Peak Specialty Group.  She has fulfilled several roles from caregiver of family members to training volunteers to provide for the five percent hospice requirement that is monitored by Medicare. She volunteers for the Utah Court system as a court visitor where she creates reports regarding potential guardianships and is a member of the UHPCO Volunteer Coordinator’s Committee.

LeeAnn holds four degrees from the University of Utah.  In her current position at Peak Specialty Group Home Health and Hospice, she spends a great deal of time providing outreach education for Salt Lake and Davis County Senior Centers.  She is passionate about involving students in learning about the aging process and has trained 85 volunteers in the last year to work with people on Hospice.  She and her late husband, Dr. F. Craig Sudbury, are the proud parents of five children and eight (almost nine) grandchildren.

At the Utah Aging Alliance 2016 Fall Conference, LeeAnn will be giving a presentation entitled Changing How People Perceive Hospice Services.  When people think of Hospice, they immediately relate it to caring for a person near death.  Although that is one of the primary goals, people can also improve in health and get off Hospice. There is no limit or cost in the number of times a person can use the services of Hospice. However, according to NHPCO, most people who are eligible, only access it during the last eighteen days of their lives. In reality, some Hospice diagnoses do need not be fatal. In fact, through the care and education of a competent Hospice team, people can actually improve and get better instead of dying.  Her workshop is intended to change how people perceive and access Hospice by educating about them the myths associated with receiving Hospice and palliative care services.

We are grateful to have LeeAnn Sudbury as a member of the Utah Aging Alliance.

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Member Spotlight — LeeAnn Sudbury

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