Board member Marion Spotlight -- senior centerLayne is the current Project Director of the Bear River Valley Senior Center.   The idea for the center began in 1969, when the first public meeting was held to determine the desire for a senior center in the Bear River Valley area.  The idea met with enthusiastic approval, but unfortunately there were no funds available.  Exhaustive efforts were made to find funding and a location and to build the center into what it is today.

Much of the planning, at the Center, is done by the seniors themselves under the guidance of the Project Director.  A program of many diversified activities is enjoyed Monday through Friday from 10 A.M. until 5 P.M. Tours and special entertainment is provided. Health clinics are also included in the program.  The building is now very homey and comfortable  .At night it is used for meetings, dinners, rallies and special group activities.  They have a feeling of great pride in the lovely, busy center that has been provided for community use through united effort.

We are proud that Marion Layne and the Bear River Valley Senior Center are a part of the Utah Aging Alliance.


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Member Spotlight — Bear River Valley Senior Center

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