With no current cure for Alzheimer’s disease, family members, friends and caretakers are faced with one solution: to provide the best care possible for people living with this condition. But meeting the persons’ daily physical needs is only passable. Gerontologist and Utah State University professor Dr. Beth Fauth says we can set the bar higher. In her TEDxUSU talk, given at USU’s independently-organized TED conference, Dr. Fauth invites us to step into the reality of dementia patients, and consider the human emotions motivating their actions.

“The facts and the stories they’re telling us are not nearly as important as the emotions they are trying to express.”

You can watch Dr. Fauth’s presentation here: http://tedx.usu.edu/portfolio-items/elizabeth-fauth/.

For more information about TEDxUSU visit tedx.usu.edu.

Caring for Dementia Patients

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